Wealth Management

Wealth Management

We all want to make our money work as hard as it possibly can especially with interest rates stuck at low levels, with the right knowledge and expertise you can ensure that your future is as prosperous as it can be. We can review your savings and investments, and tell you how to make more from them.

We do this by using the latest technology to research the market and find you the best investment products and providers available which fall in line with the level of risk you are comfortable in taking. Stock markets can be volatile especially in these in the uncertain times in which we all now live but there are ways to counteract this. Firstly with a well diversified portfolio this can reduce the inherent risk involved in stock market investments ensuring that all your eggs aren’t in the same basket.The fund management industry is also adapting to investors demands and that has given rise to more unconventional ways of investing such as solar energy, wind farms and aircraft leasing. These types of innovative investment approaches can help balance out a well diversified portfolio running alongside the more conventional investment assets such as equities, government gilts, corporate bonds and commercial property.

It is crucial that clients are comfortable with the levels of risk involved that is why we always ensure our clients are comfortable and thoroughly understand the risks involved by taking them through our risk profiling process.

Risk Profiling – How does this work?

1 – A simple ten question multiple choice questionnaire will give us an ide of where you sit on the attitude to risk spectrum.

2 – We will then explore this further through conversation to ensure it is a true reflection of your views.

3 – We will then show you how in practice this could potentially impact on your investments in good times and bad and crucially you have the final say in what is right for you.

Risk profiling is only the start of formulating a financial plan, we will explore what your objectives are and tailor our recommendations to give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals and continue to review the progress at each portfolio review making changes if necessary.