Corporate Advice

Corporate Advice

Corporate Advice

As a business owner we know that focussing on running your business can be all consuming, but the need for robust financial planning is crucial to ensuring your business runs smoothly. We can help ease that burden supporting your business with workplace pensions, shareholder protection, key person protection and succession planning.

We have worked with businesses for many years helping them plan for the future, we understand that time is precious and we can analyse your current situation and recommend solutions to ensure your business has the right strategy in place, whether that be for directors or staff pensions, protecting a key person or shareholder or simply making the most from any cash surplus’s the business may have.  

How we can help you?

– Workplace pensions, the government has made it mandatory for businesses to offer pension schemes to your employees, known as auto enrolment. With an ever decreasing state pension, it is another way to build loyalty and commitment in your workforce.

– Protecting key people, what happens if you lose a key sales person or director overnight? How would you feel if suddenly you have an unknown family member as a major shareholder in your business? We can help formulate a plan to ensure your business is protected against such scenarios.

– Investments, if your business is cash rich we can help make the most of any monies sitting on low interest business accounts and minimise any tax charges to the business.

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